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I felt the deck was a bit too passive, so added Clan Impersonation and Madness Network which allows for some serious end game bleed punch with Anima Gathering and Earth Control stealth.
Combat/Action Modifier 5 5x Swiftness of the Stag Okay, so I actually got my firsts ousts in the games I won by bleeding for 2 at 1 stealth, but I like to think the Anarch Revolts and Fame are what got me there.
Pentex kills a kingpin deck or removes a vital late game blocker.
I got a lucky VP in the end for a win as high seed.
Constructively, I forgot to add two delaying tactics at the Bloodbath 2007 tournament (although two more DIs might be better) and this deck is becoming an increasingly risky strategy when faced with high levels of Entrancement and Far sexo com amor video camera escondida Mastery.Top Veil of Darkness Santiago, Chile May 24th 2008 3RF 10 players Richard Cortes (Yupi) Deck Name: Ventrue.0 Crypt (12 cards, min20, max30, avg6.33) x Emerson Bridges 8 DOM FOR PRE pot prince Ventrue:1 2x Sir Walter Nash 7 DOM FOR PRE prince Ventrue:1.Possibly dump an Info Highway and a Blood Doll or Giant's Blood and replace with Swallowed By The Night, the maneuver is critical against "Grapple" decks.I've found that the Hungry Coyote is close to miraculous for keeping alive if you feel you have to turtle up for a little while, and it's usually a turn well spent hunting with the HC around to recoup some blood spent on Dominate bleeds.I had fun stealing Living Manse and Palatial Estate with Disputed Territory.Caleb said he would improve the deck by adding another Lambach (in place of Anson) and some Eagle Sights.Ventrue 4-5 played his 2 Daring with the dawn, and after this, cannot pass any votes.This deck runs way better than its predecessors.Crypt (14 cards, min32, max41, avg9.21) x Cybele 10 ANI DAI OBF PRE SER THA Baali:4 4x Aksinya Daclau 9 ANI FOR PRE PRO cel tha Gangrel antitribu:4 1x Enkidu, The Noah 11 ANI CEL OBF POT PRO for Gangrel antitribu:4 1x Nangila Were.

Winthrop Action Modifier (10) 2x Bonding 3x Conditioning 1x Daring the Dawn 4x Earth Control Reaction (15) 7x Deflection 1x Delaying Tactics 2x Eluding the Arms of Morpheus 5x On the Qui Vive Combat (25) 1x Claws of the Dead 10x Earth Meld 3x Flesh.
Looking you will notice that there is no blood production.
Winthrop Equipment (3) 3 Sport Bike Top Deal with the Devil Paris, France July 3rd 2004 20 players Kamel Senni Crypt (17 cards, min32, max36, avg8.24) x Anson 8 CEL PRE aus dom prince Toreador:1 1x Democritus 10 DOM PRE aus cel for justicar Ventrue:1.
Slow bleed stealth deck with good bloat and very resilient to rush - especially strong in an animalism/celerity-gun environment.
The Banishment/Exile module is intended to eliminate bleed deflectors.(reported as 35 at the start of the event) Pascal Bertrand - 5vp in final Crypt (12 cards, min20, max29, avg6.42) x Stavros 7 AUS OBF PRE dem priscus Malkavian antitribu:4 2x Quentin King III 7 AUS DEM obf pre prince Malkavian:3 2x Ubende.Crypt (12 cards, min15, max34, avg6.25) x Annazir 9 DAI OBF POT PRE 2 votes Baali:5 3x Xeper, Sultan of Lepers 7 OBF PRE ani dai pro Baali:6 3x Arishat 6 DAI OBF PRE 1 vote Baali:6 3x Horde, The 3 dai obf pre Baali:6.Crypt (12 cards, min25, max35, avg7.67) x Tegyrius, Vizier 9 AUS CEL FOR QUI pre Assamite:2 2x Bajazet al-Nasir 8 OBF QUI cel for pre Assamite:2 2x Cornelius Ottavio 8 AUS OBF pre qui Malkavian:2 2x Fatima al-Faqadi 8 CEL OBF QUI aus for Assamite:2.Crypt (12 cards, min9, max34, avg5.25) x Alicia Barrows 9 AUS DEM OBF POT PRE archbishop Malkavian antitribu:4 2x Stavros 7 AUS OBF PRE dem priscus Malkavian antitribu:4 2x Fabrizia Contreraz 4 dem pot archbishop Malkavian antitribu:4 1x General Perfidio Díos 5 AUS dem obf.Description: Tournament winning deck for You Ain't My Baby's Daddy: Columbus Concept : As appropriate for a tournament named such, get out a few!Torries and start breeding.6 Blur 6 Skin of Steel 4 Taste of Vitae Equipment (5) 1 Flamethrower 4 Assault Rifle Event (2) 1 Narrow Minds 1 Scourge of the Enochians Combo (6) 6 Resist Earth's Grasp Top Anarch Free Press Fortaleza, Brazil May 18th 2014 3RF 15 players.After my tournament wins with a Ventrue version (Buckets o' Money) and an Assamite version (Team Amaravati) of the same concept, I came to the conclusion that I needed to get rid of the Obtenebration in the deck and exclusively use Obfuscate for stealth, since.Newly created Creation Rites can use Breath/Rotschreck to deter pesky actions against you.

Cross-table oust if necessary to stablize the table.
If blocked, knock their teeth out with potence.
Randall rendel Crypt (12 cards, min11, max32, avg5.08) x Randall 8 ANI AUS FOR PRO 1 vote Gangrel:4 2x Jacob Fermor 5 PRO ani tha Gangrel:4 1x Gunnar 4 PRO for Gangrel:4 1x Jezebelle 4 ani for pro Gangrel:4 1x Calvin Cleaver 3 for pro.