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Big numbers, triangle setup, free per-pixel perspective correction, all the texture formats and blending operations supported, bit video engine and bit memory bus. In summer of the company ended all support for graphics technologies and continued business only with memory and embedded electronics. And other reasons for me to have Voodoo’s. It also supports OpenGL. Laguna3D has a performance where old 3D games run well and doesn’t have huge rendering errors. It depends highly on the MOBO too.

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Are then the worst cards among those not supported by many games? Any 3d rendering scenario should be performed in one pass. Modern art lovers should enjoy the impressive gallery. This is with last official driver which Alliance still offers on their web for download. Maxtor Fireball Plus 8 40g,rpm,2mb cache Os: I didn’t mind the though, that had a purpose at least and was dirt cheap.

If it could work properly with at least similar speeds as measured here those chips with prices as low as 20 bucks, then it could find happy buyers. Not fun to use and the mounting bracket is a few mm different to most others – it is also missing, so I don’t have one until it turns up or I can be bothered to make one The chip also supported odd sizes of 1. Texturing however, is so warped it turns your accelerated games into chaos barfed all over your display.


It ran Syndicate Plus at x fairly well for the time. Perhaps the worst were the ones that did not work pretty much at all Frankly, I have no idea, datasheet also mentions Z-buffer compression, but the card does promoiton behave like if it has more memory than others.

They are a part of my personal past. As I see it, among working samples there are cheap and pricey, widely supported by games and not, etc.

Alliance Promotion drivers – Alliance Promotion Video Drivers

Worst video card ever, again Discussion about old PC hardware. True color textures are full speed and true color buffer is also possible with a small performance penalty.

Aat3d shading is cp full speed and geometry looks perspectively ok. Wich I think should be the ultimate retro reason to rule out all other retro reasons for having V’s If games support other and more powerfull technologies than Glide, well Are that I think the hardware is really beautifull, and yeah I feel that I go with Hightreason on that they were in fact a bit behind.

They could have been worse and really only make the list for the drivers which caused BSODs. Usually AT3D fails to deliver on the promise of 30 frames per second at xx Laguna3D has a performance where old 3D games run well and doesn’t have huge rendering errors.

Alliance Promotion Video Drivers Download

And then you fire up the card, play games and everything is broken. And other reasons for me to have Voodoo’s. It’s hard for me to say what videocard I consider worst. The screen would slowly ‘roll down’ at every step in the scrolling process, probably taking at least a second every time.


Alliance did not give up on 3d after this disaster and announced another bit architecture: I also don’t understand what Voodoo is doing here. And yet a lot of great things were done using them, including movies and machinery.

Even specular highlights are done via stipple mask. Almost no fingers on the VLB part go anywhere! I played a lot of Tomb Raider and Dethkarz and other stuff and I liked the experience very much and went on and tracked down a pair of V2s, which also serve me very well, providing even better experience then the newer TNT2.

One thing that pissed me off though was that it needed a software switcher to work in color mode, because at startup the card randomly decided wether it feeled like displaying in color or in shades of gray.