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The Echo works as you would expect, with mix and feedback controls. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. I’m still gonna buy it though. The configuration before starting Scratch Live looks similar to the output of “sudo lsusb -v” under Linux. The compromise has been made, and is probably the right one in the long run – as the overall power you have is greater than you will find on other mixers. Comment on this change optional. However, users have been rewarded with a fantastically stable piece of software, where bug fixing takes priority over feature additions.

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You can tap it in using the push button rotary encoder, but it doesn’t have any software inertia so will hop around all over the place if you don’t have perfect rhythm.

I saw your comment in IRC.

Rane TTM 57

From Hiroshima, Far east island Japan! I have a rane ttm 57 to help, I have already plug it on linux, alsa recognise only one input output mixer, but there is two input to plug the decks and one output. Posted Wed 30 May 07 3: I also tried what you suggested Owen – setting up the mixer with Serato, leaving the mixer on, then disconnecting the USB cable and plugging it into a Linux qsio.

The actual installation of the required drivers and software is a breeze, and as usual – the included manual is excellent, though perhaps a bit vague in places with respect to some of the TTM 57SL specific features.


I really don’t know what to look for, I don’t know anything about USB: Both effects share similar joystick control over quickly switching to half, double or quadruple the currently linked tempo – which is a really clever feature. Posted Tue 17 Jul 07 2: I re-read the manual and it does state this exact same thing that it defaults to only one channel when Serato is not running.

HI alan, thanks so much for your help! See full activity log.

SKRATCHWORXâ„¢ v2 – Rane TTM 57SL – by Deft – September

Left side of the mixer was set to D1 and the right was set to D2. I’ve used USBTrace http: This configuration is persistent, so I can then close Ableton Live and open Mixxx, and Mixxx will receive the pre-fader control signal, so it is able to track the position of the vinyl asil when the crossfader is closed: I can get output on the 2 output channels, but I can’t control with timecode records.

I am playing my 57sll event at a club in about a month and am trying to get prepared for it.

If I unplug it, and then plug it back in, the mixer goes back to being detected as a composite USB device. It sounds like the main problem though is enabling time code to go to Mixxx tgm Mixxx’s audio comes out the 57’s outputs.


This makes mixtape recording a breeze, or sampling of any audio to manipulate instantly with control records. Thanks for your comment.

If so, run Mixxx with –controllerDebug and see if you can figure out the control packet format. Here’s the output of “aplay -l” when the mixer is connected: Less than 30 hours of mixing on it.

First give your user account write access to Aslo devices, see http: It will cost them in the long run. Pre- or post-fader operation is selected automatically depending on the effect type don’t worry, the echo is post-fader! The latest version, v1.

Rane TTM Pro Audio Equipment | eBay

See the bottom part of http: How can I do to help for the alsa driver?? Box is Windows 7 bit.

Latency on Asio Driver checked? The effects control is decent, and having a full set of options for each effect is laudable – but there is something very sterile and uninspirational about the whole set-up. Aha, you’ve thrown me with the Scratch thing. No, create 57sll account now. I think adio is partly due to the fact that Scratch Live only outputs audio via the mixer since there’s no option to output audio locally, like in Mixxx.