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Paper can feed from a multi-purpose tray, a cassette tray built into the machine base or from an optional second tray underneath the printer. Less than W Standby: Wash any toner off hands with cold water. If paper is observed to curl excessively when printed it has been stored in damp conditions and will be prone to causing paper jams particularly in the duplex unit. Sales pages on this Web site use cookies to store user information. These printers are beyond warranty age.

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Be cautious with the fuser – it will be hot. Less than W Standby: Fuser heated rollers are susceptible to contamination from inapropriate media like labels which might leave their backing paper.

APT Advanced Photoscale technology enables printing in greyscales giving near photographic quality when needed.

The printer came with a CD containing drivers. Issues with contamination or damage to the drum are likely to cause dots in the print at intervals of 94mm 3. The paper quality is suspect. After changing components like the fuser the Parts Life Reset Functions will need to be used. There is no mention of this in the user brothrr nor can it be selected. Brother recommend some paper types in the user manual including: Cover surfaces that might be damaged with disposable kitchen tissue.


Introduced in its a bit faster than the HL Use this function to get smooth text print.

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Up to sheets Face Up: If this problem happens persistently there may be contamination on the fuser rollers. The feed rollers are wearing out; change them. The printers are no longer available new so options may no longer be available.

It means one or more of:. Up to sheets Paper Types: Up to 50 sheets.

The Service Manual gives details on how to change the heated roller. Auto-Duplex unit built-in providing automatic double-sided printing for A4, Letter and Legal sized pages.

Brother HL-1650 / HL-1670N

Make sure surfaces will not be damaged by toner powder or cover surfaces that would with disposable tissue. LCD display and a set of keys as follows 1. Memory is hl-1560/hl-1670n to be available. If the fault persists there is a hardware failure that may be given in the error number. The service menu is needed to reset consumable counts. The paper guides were to tight or too slack or there is just too much paper. Orange is for setting options or paused. These printers are beyond warranty age.


Brother reckon the periodic maintenance parts paper feed Kit and printer control boards have an MTTR of 5 minutes I’d like to see them do it on site with an unfamiliar printer, which is the real world most of us live in.

These printers have separate toner and drum units.

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The service manual says up to x dpi for graphics with microfine toner. If it is not set correctly printing will be in the wrong position on the page and paper-jams are more likely to occur. In general, DIMM must have the following specifications: