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When Calcomp went out of business, 2 companies bought out the remaining parts inventory for the series and other Calcomp printers. I believe tjhe error you are experiencing occurs when the printer BIOS detects that some change has occured to the hardware – ie a change in memory size, cartridges, etc. Bulk ink is ideal for high-volume customers who have already refilled and only need ink. Ricoh Fax MP Color. Anybody knows where to get the Firmware for the Techjet ? Siemens Fax Color.

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CalComp 720C Techjet DESIGNER Plotter Roller

The file extensions will need to be renumbered as follows. Pleaseif you know how to resolve this problem send me your answer.

I have the firmware and tried to follow your instruction to download to calckmp plotter but it just keeps telling me that it can not find the file?

Was just about to follow the instructions to install the firmware when fear and uncertainty struck me My printer don’t find the edge of the paper. If media is already installed, the message “Online” is displayed. Depending on the firmware version installed, the messages described below may vary slightly. designee


Calcomp Techjet 5536

Keep in mind that some users of Techjett 55XX printers have been able to use Oce print drivers because the 2 printers use the same print engine. Canon Innova Note J p. Tektronix Trace Mountain Tip If the correct version is not displayed, then repeat the firmware upgrade procedure. Canon StarWriter 95 WP. I don’t understand how they need to be renumbered.

Canon StarWriter 85 WP.

Canon Pixma Pro Canon StarWriter 70 WP. If you don’t have the skills or experience to work on such equipment it may be better to look for somebody in your area that repairs printers and give him the Tech. They do very little if any CalComp service anymore.

Product packaging may vary. These messages are repeated three times. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. After analizing the files it became clear to me that they are somehow mis-filed the odd size one z12 has to be last zip and the rest have to be renumbered the orig zip is z01!


Where to find deisgner operator manual?

ml of Magenta Ink for CANON –

Anybody knows where to get the Firmware cacomp the Techjet ? Rex Rotary Fax Epson Stylus Color Canon Fax Color. Thanks for the link to the manual but I could not unzip it the first time.

Canon BJ jc II. Miamisburg Ohio phone fax email: The message “Erasing Block Sometimes the error occurs at random perhaps due to static electricity? You need to rename the file extension as well.

Most probably what you would have done is, renaming just the file name. Listed below is the 55XX firmware file, you may want to do a internet search for a.