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A Caution If spilled, the ink is very difficult to clean. Make sure the cartridge holder is in the center of the printer. Paper does not eject Your software application after printing may not be telling the printer to set the printer off-line. Make your selection to identify the document type. Line printers, sometimes called band printers, process and print information one line band at a time. If, after you color your document, you change the objectives, the Color Advisor automatically changes the colors in your document to match the new objectives.

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Canon K Bjc Color Bubble Jet Printer Compact Portable | eBay

The printer or computer may have been turned on when you connected the interface cable. You can also select a Control mode based on specific text features you want to use in your document. For example, consider the following text and object: Do not use paper products such as paper towels or tissues to clean the inside of the printer. Note The Low ink warning function does not work with the cartridge you installed when you first set up the printer.

Canon BJC-70 User Manual

Align the edge of the paper with the right edge of the sheet feeder. In the example above, you would specify a paper size of This chapter describes how to use the printer for all your printing operations.


Insert the diskette containing the Canon TrueType Fonts into the diskette drive. To start the extensive cleaning procedure: Ink tanks continually run out of ink If your ink tanks bjd-70 to run out of ink before you think they should, make sure you are following these bjc-700 Using the optional battery pack, you can print documents without AC power.

Printout does not match paper size Paper size selected in driver may be incorrect.

Canon K10150 Bjc-70 Color Bubble Jet Printer Compact Portable

For letter-size paper, the page length is 64 lines, and for legal-size paper, the page length is 82 lines. Doing so allows you to bj-c70 utilize the color matching feature of the BJC printer driver.

Page – Extra characters appear on the page Page – Cannot print file sent from remote compu Then select an area of your document.

Chapter 7 Maintaining the Printer Storing the Printer A Caution When storing the printer, observe the following precautions to protect the print mechanism: Make sure you turn off the printer only when the cartridge holder is in the home position.

Then start your print operation again. The resolution set in the printer driver may be dpi and the print mode may be Economy mode. Do bubble-jeh use thicker paper than meets the specifications for this printer.


If you are in WordPerfect 5. Buvble-jet Patteml Patteml Pattern? You may be able to stack envelopes of other sizes in the sheet feeder; however, Canon cannot guarantee consistent performance on envelope sizes other than COM10 and DL.


The interface cable may not be the correct type. Make sure your computer is turned on. Use this setting to print draft copies of your work.

Chapter 2 Setting Up the Printer 19 7. This information is similar caon a bitmapped graphic that specifies positions of individual dots of ink. You use the BJ cartridge container to store the BJ cartridge not being used.

If the output is still blank, replace the empty ink tank in the BJ cartridge. Previous software settings may not be cleared. Note prints on a sheet of paper.

Convenient Paper Handling A built-in automatic sheet feeder holds up to 30 sheets of plain paper, 10 sheets of coated paper, transparencies or back print film, or 5 envelopes. Click OK to apply the pattern and colors to your chart. For best results, fan the paper before loading it.