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You can not post a blank message. When a client application needs to store or retrieve data in the database, it submits a request through the JDBC API to the Derby engine either over a network or directly to the embedded engine. Like other databases, it allows multiple threads to share the same connection, and Derby implements many SQL99 features, with extensions for Java technology. A Java stored procedure consists of Java code that is callable from SQL, runs in the database server, and accesses the database. Do not specify any classes for Cloudscape with the weblogic. The data in the database disk files is stored in a portable format, so that databases can be easily transported from machine to machine regardless of the CPU architecture of each machine. Moving forward, think Derby for the core database features and IBM Cloudscape for the supported commercial release.

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The naming port had to be changed because when you run cloudscape in standalone RmiJdbc mode, it binds to portwhich is the default port for naming in JBoss. The Cloudscape xloudscape class name for the embedded environment is COM. Or, add the property java. At times, you might notice Derby and Cloudscape being used as synonyms, and you might see the core database engine referred to as Cloudscape, especially in other IBM developerWorks technical articles and when referring to older Cloudscape releases.


JDBC Applications and the Cloudscape Technology

If the data files can be read, a sophisticated user could decode the information they contain. For example, when Cloudscape is running in the Cloudconnector environment, a client application might use the following database connection URL:. Not surprisingly, the existence of two names side-by-side Cloudscape and Derby sometimes causes confusion. You can download the driver from the IBM web idbcdriver.

For example on one command line: The IBM Cloudscape product includes Derby without any modification whatsoever to the underlying source code.

There are special considerations when working with more than one database thread in an application. Derby provides corf for securely deploying databases to mobile or remote sites, including authentication using a variety of schemes, user authorization, support for running with a Java 2 Security Manager, and database encryption.

RJDriver For more information, visit the official web site. The Derby software includes so many capabilities, what more could you possibly want? I was jdgcdriver to see I could use Sun’s deploytool for deploying to JBoss without too much trouble. RmiJdbcDriver” which is a little confusing Go to original post. Make sure that all of your environment vars are set properly.

I figured that I would install JBoss, install Cloudscape, start both of them up, create some tables and brew a bean or two. We apologize for any confusion. Not having the user names and passwords maintained in the database means less administrative overhead to transfer names into the database. For example, an int parameter would be declared as int[] and a String parameter would be declared as String[] so a value could be returned in it. WebLogic Server version 4.


Cloudscape Version 10: A technical overview

Subscribe me to comment notifications. To download Cloudscape and the driver, visit the official web site. When ocre database is deployed to a remote or mobile location, it is not possible to use physical security to prevent unauthorized access to data. It includes the following topics: It also supports integrating external user authentication schemes; for example, it can be configured to check with an external authentication service.

JBoss installed, no prob. Users can be restricted to read-only access or restricted from any access on a per-system or per-database level.

These characteristics make it easy to download Derby applications together with their database or run them from a CD-ROM. Hope this helps someone else too! Driver You can download the jdbcsriver from the official web site. Use this command to be entered on one line to start Cloudview: The evaluation version of Cloudscape shipped with WebLogic only supports one database connection to a cloudscape. That driver is part of the db2 express installation, which you can download from the official web site.