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Want to add to the discussion? This page was last modified on 26 June , at It’s very reliable and fast compared with XP and newer. Virus Problem, Please Help. Finally I’ve had the time to try out my MX

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I can’t see them failing when compas in directly though – remember these are designed to be plugged into servers, which do not have fancy mouse drivers loaded.

On another board it was the A key. Nice find, enjoy your browns! Not used to the lightness of the browns yet, but they’re nicer than I imagined. It’s a decent trackball, but rather small, and the buttons could have been better placed. So hyped, and this is NOT helping. I couldn’t get a clear picture of one on its own. Thanks for the recommendations. These seem to have been made between and ish.


The keycaps on all models were lasered PBT.

Compaq MX Ps2 US Clicky Keyboard With Trackball | eBay

I used to have a computer running Windows 95 too. I agree with that. I haven’t put much effort into it yet. There are a few pros and cons to both styles. I haven’t really seen any cheap ones lately either. Privacy policy About Deskthority wiki Disclaimers. The tactile feel isn’t as pronounced as I was expecting; these are almost linear.

The arrow keys are pushed down just below the alphanum section, which is mostly kosher. Slightly different cmopaq this time.

They had them quite regularly on ebay Germany a while ago but 111800 was always too late.

Cherry G80-11800

I like it a lot. After the reinstall I got a “code 10 device could not start” error.

Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux. I’d trade if not for shipping. It is assumed this change was done so the 111800 could be better fitted into commonly available rack-mount drawers. This one xm works. Often outspoken, please forgive any cause for offense. This is the trackball assembly. Not easy to find clears here. Works out of box for both.


I have decided that over the holidays I intend on setting up a thin client HP machine with – Windows 1.

Makes me want to find some clears even more. Submit a new text post.

[Photos] Compaq MX • deskthority

I unboxed so many of these at my first job. It was delivered today so all I’ve done is clean it and plug it in to see if it works. Advanced search bounce or vompaq

Where can I buy it?