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I also have a Sound Blaster Live! The technology, called WaveGuide , synthesizes the instrument sounds rather than using stored instrument patches like the hardware voices. The improvement also comes from increased integration of components on AWE64 compared to its predecessors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Perhaps ESD damaged my sound card when I installed the modem?

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Use dmy dates from May I would appreciate any insight anyone may have on this issue. Increased integration means the board can be simpler and trace routing to components is creatiev, decreasing the amount of blastsr signal travel. The AWE64 came in three versions initially: As such, Creative had no control over their sale. Soudn the adapters themselves can no longer be ordered, the design and manufacturing files remain available for download for personal, non-commercial use.

One thing I would try is bypassing your “dirty” win95 installation all together and try again, either by replacing the HDD with a spare and install a fresh windows install or you could always create dos boot disk and just test in pure dos, using different drivers then the ones from the currant windows install I’m willing to bet that even though the drivers have been uninstalled, there are still not back to the original state pre hardsid card.

Show More Show Less. If you creatiive to receive this error code, contact the hardware’s manufacturer for the proper registry settings or updated drivers.


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This made the board even more compact, and thus cheaper to build. For this disabling the problematic PCI cards helps. Unfortunately, during this card’s time, the issue of compatibility with older legacy DOS applications accessing PCI audio cards had not been ideally addressed.

The inability to adjust synthesis parameters, unlike with the hardware portion of the AWE64, also limited the WaveGuide function’s usefulness. About this product Product Information You demand superior audio! You can follow Creative Labs advice: Dell frequently has the goofiest firmware flashes and hardware-specific diagnostic tools available never in a million years would I suspect they had an AWE64 firmware flash and I think the Internet should be doing a better job at mirroring them and hacking away any Dell-only code in their crearive tools so that they can be used by other utilities.

Follow the instructions regarding the flashing of the AWE card important! DRV, you still have problems. Unfortunately, these additional voices are achieved via software-based processing on the system CPU. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Sound Blaster AWE64

Google [Bot]Nemorealoldguy23 and 6 guests. The boards were based around the AWE32’s E-mu sample-based synthesis chipset, E-mu effects processor, and a Creative audio DSP and codec for digital sound playback. As such, Creative had no control over their sale.


This device is not working properly because the BIOS in your computer is reporting the resources for the device incorrectly. Although the adapters themselves can no longer be ordered, the design and manufacturing files remain available for download for personal, non-commercial use.

Uncheck “Use automatic settings”. Board index All times are UTC. Some people have reported that after working fine for a while, the card suddenly stops working, and may report the message “The BIOS of this device is incorrectly reporting the resources for this device.

I would force a default config like ,5,1 with ctcm and set the same resources in Win9x.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I removed the HardSID card and modem, and the issue was not resolved.

You no longer have to compromise quality for creating and playing audio. Code 9 issue Discussion about old PC hardware. This would be helpful to exclude motherboard fault you said that problem happened after plugging PCI modem. Check out my high scores and accomplishments. And watch for this screen: