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External checkpassword program without Dovecot extensions. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Note that if you’re using separate user and domain fields, a common problem is that you’re returning only the “user” field from the database. Don’t delay reply to client in case of an authentication failure. Run as your own non-root user: Allow user’s network connection to log in from only specified IPs checks against real remote IP, e.

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AuthDatabase/SQL – Dovecot Wiki

The following suffixes added to a field name are handled specially: Updates the domain part of the username. However, there can also be negative matches preceded by “! This error is returned both for password dovefot and also if the user doesn’t exist at all.

If you want something like a last login update, use PostLoginScripting instead. Use this if you do any IP related checks.

Password Databases

Also “none” can be used to match for a non-authenticating passdb lookup. The commonly used variables are: SQL table creation command: Your program received a path to checkpassword-reply binary as the first parameter. Another good solution is not to use system passwords and instead use, e.


The following passdbs will skip password verification. Sign up using Email and Password. Basic Configuration This page tells you the basics that you’ll need to get a working Dovecot installation.

PAM cannot be used as dovexot user database either although static user templates could be used to provide vovecot same effect. This documentation is for Dovecot v2.

Authenticating with dovecot – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

This is usually needed only if you use plaintext passwords. Find Dovecot configuration file psssdb using: If you encounter an internal error, exit with code Other than that, the script works the same way as a passdb checkpassword script. If “yes”, used to provide master users database. Skip, if non-empty and the username doesn’t match the filter.

Fields that the lookup can return: Authenticate against remote IMAP server.

PAM – Pluggable Authentication Modules

The extra random seconds can be used to avoid paassdb load spike of everybody getting logged in at exactly the same time. Password verification by SQL server If the passwords are in some special format in the SQL server that Dovecot doesn’t recognize, it’s still possible to use them. Sign up using Facebook. The password field can be in four formats: Skip if an earlier passdb already authenticated the user successfully. This was commonly used together with master passdb to specify that even after a successful master user authentication, the authentication should continue to the actual non-master passdb to lookup the user.


Specific checkpassword implementations phpBB dovecot checkpassword authentication, written in python: These passdb credentials lookups can be implemented the same way as a userdb lookup i.

This makes Dovecot give “Temporary authentication failure” error to user.

Set the current authentication state to failure, and continue to the next passdb. Thus, users can not authenticate against the UNIX socket.

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