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Micro SD doesnt isnt recognized anymore Jugo , Jun 27, , in forum: Visit our Software Download page for help recognising what kind of card you have, and links to software downloads for the R4v2 and r4 sdhc. The micro SD can now be inserted into the micro SD slot on the dstt card, which is usually located on the top corner of the dstt card. If it’s just broken, can you at least suggest a better card and where to buy it? The computer will now detect an external memory drive which is the micro SD. The centre is for icons of games loaded on the card.

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There is also a help file describing how to back up saves or use PassMe. The remainder of your Micro-SD card’s memory is needed to keep your card running in tip top shape. Once you have uploaded ROMs on the card you can unplug the writer. Selver Jul 10, You need cagd new card.

DSTT Card with Kingston Micro SD Memory Card

About Downloads Support Shop. Nothing seems to work.

Doing this yourself will void the warranty. Another solution for this problem is to replaced the ARM7 executable file with an older version executable file that is recognised by the R4v2 firmware.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. GBATemp have also published a similar if not identical workaround. Yes, my password is: The R4DS is one of the first superior dstt card on the market as it can automatically boot itself on the Nintendo dstt console without the need a PassMe Device type devices are inserted into the dstt slot and trick the dstt into allowing unsigned dstt code to run from the GBA cartridge slot in full dstt mode.

Getting a DSTT card to work

You would need to very carefully peer into the slot where cartridges normally go, and use some thin, fine tools to re-align any bent pins in the SLOT 1 connector. Some of the development team members of the original R4v2 is now working for the r4 sdhc developmental team.

It is the same size as original Nintendo cards, so it perfectly fits into console. I have never extracted the official kernel to the SD card, so it can’t be a killed fake problem. We suggest 4G memory. Basically, the metal contacts don’t touch each other well enough. GUI is not too pretty to be honest.

The top screen displays game information such as ROM name, file size etc. This is incredibly rare but potentially worrying as it could signify a problem with the dstt console – in which case a different card which has a slightly larger design the EDGE dstt in particular has a rather snug fit, and would be ideal for people with this problem would be desirable.


It was considered to be one of the best dstt card when it first came out in Reason for this is because the firmware dsstt constantly being updated and its easier to provide a download service. The only shortage is the too simple package.

Separate names with a comma.

NDS doesnt recognize DSTT card | – The Independent Video Game Community

What your Dett card’s files should look like, can be seen below. The dstt card firmware is usually in a. As announced from ndstt.

So, what to do? The transfer of the dstt card firmware is now completed. TT is really good used in Nintendo DS. Write a headline for your review here: Feb 23, Louisiana.

I am introduced with the health and safety warning and after that with the default menu telling me that “There dstt no DS Card inserted”. Our Newsletter Your First Name: Categories DSi up to 1.