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Mini Card Module I decided to install it anyway and figured someone from these forums would help me with the wireless. I’m lost, and I’ve been having some people from school helping me, and I even stumped them! The light doesn’t turn on and the wireless adapter is gone from the network settings. So instead of simply ignoring the vast wealth of knowledge available by posting my own question, I’ll search first to make sure my issue hasn’t already been covered.

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HP Dv9410us – Pavilion – Turion 64 X2 1.8 GHz Manuals

Is there alot of harddrive activity while it does this? Are there any updated files I need to look for instead of ndiswrapper Operating System Controls But, when I go to configure my wireless connection via the NetworkManager Applet, all of the wireless options are gone! Do I have to start all over from scratch?

Any time someone tells me that their system is hanging and it has something to do with wireless, I suggest this: Selecting Power Conservation Settings I tried and searched if anyone else had this problem in this thread, but I was unsucessful.


Push New Printer Driver To Workstations

I think that should work. Note that if buying a router, all routers are compatible with Windows XP.

Does anyone know if this will also work on 7. I also don’t use Wicd so I can’t help you there either!

So you’ve run it as many times as necessary. I wound up reinstalling twice and trying a heap of how-to’s before I found this thread with paperdiesel telling people they should check their bios and disable the hotkey and finally worked out xxp there WAS a hotkey to toggle it, pressed it and everything worked!

Mabye that wasn’t my problem.

Using Antivirus Software I had used this how-to with my dell with feisty. I wanted to let anyone with a Vostro to know that this guide works if you use the R This thread has now had overviews and replies!!! Probably you’d do wufi the same as I did, toward the antenna symbol Sequential Part Number Listing Power Connector Assembly Can you post your “ndiswrapper -v” output.

After you’re there you will then need to install the correct driver sudo ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5. Selecting previously deselected package dpkg-dev.


I guess I missed a step the first time Thanks for your help, very appreciated. It worked perfectly on my laptop. I am hard wired to the web and did a complete update of all the software for this system.

Hi jardo, The ndiswrapper driver really dont work in monitor mode. Can dv9410ua post the outputs from: I thought I had notifications on by email address was wrong.

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If you didn’t then you haven’t actually installed anything, which is why it’s not saying that your hardware has been detected. I decided to install it anyway and figured someone from these forums would help me with the wireless. I can perhaps do this tomorrow if time permits.

If you do this the light will not turn back on again when you reboot.