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If the subject is close enough as in outdoor people-pictures , just walk up to it, take an “exposure reading” by locking the exposure with the desired subject filling the field of view, then back off again to snap the actual picture. Not what you were looking for? This is handy, as camera movement in close-in macro shooting is often a problem. Basically, cameras’ exposure systems assume that the light and dark portions of your subject will all average out to a medium gray. The original description page was here.

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This looks like either a great “entry level” camera for someone just getting into guji photography, or perhaps a good “second camera” for the more advanced buff who wants mx11200 to just drop in a mx1200 and bring anywhere. Forced and Slow Synchro flash modes are available for use.

A picture index window is displayed from which you can view images or open them for editing. Both optical and LCD screen viewfinders assist you in composing subjects.

The optical viewfinder features a center autofocus target dot as well as a side LED that lights green, orange or red, depending on the camera’s status.

Once the shot is composed and focused, fully press the shutter button to start the timer. Since the lens is fixed-focus, there’s no autofocus function.

A second hit of the Display button turns off this information display, and a third hit turns off the display altogether. Automatic adjustment, sunny, cloudy, daylight fluorescent, warm white fluorescent, cool white fluorescent and incandescent. Support and Contact Center. Do you have a MX camera?


Fujifilm MX MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

When using special lighting or shooting closeups, the Auto white balance setting may not be the most accurate. Note that if the SmartMedia already contains image files with higher file mx100 than the highest number on the last SmartMedia used, images are stored beginning from the highest file number on the current SmartMedia card.

It’s here and it’s here now, just in time for the holiday season.

Retrieved from ” https: Forced means that the flash always fires, regardless of the light conditions. If you’re pretty careful with your camera, as most people are, there’s probably not much to worry about, although we still prefer to see some sort of removable lens protection on cameras. The following page uses this file: The LED lights solid for the first five seconds then flashes for the remaining five.

You can write protect SmartMedia by placing a write protection sticker in the designated area.

Digital Telephoto The Mx120 offers a Digital Telephoto function providing a nominal 2x “magnification” of the image, accessible by pressing the up arrow on the rocker toggle button the down arrow digitally zooms back out.

See all 4 pre-owned listings. Steve’s Conclusion I like the MX and that comes from someone who has little interest in purely point-n-shoot type digicams. To cancel fujj protection, the DPOF settings must first be removed.


With a comparable ISO speed, the MX boasts a 38mm 35mm equivalent Fujinon lens with 2x digital zoom and macro capability down to 3.

FujiFilm MX-1200 (Finepix 1200)

A Fuhi fixed focus lens is built into the camera with a focal length of 5. A Digital Telephoto magnifies the image by 2x, but at the expense of resolution and image quality.

To achieve this they used a new 1. Unfortunately, Mac users must either rely on the EZtouch software or purchase photo manipulation software separately since the included PhotoDeluxe is only compatible with Windows. One press turns it on, a second press turns off the information display and a third press turns off the image display. Macro The Macro function is controlled by a sliding switch on the side of the camera, marked with a flower symbol on the macro end and a mountain symbol on the wide angle end.

PC Mode Marked by a computer symbol with an arrow pointing inward, allows the camera to transfer images from camera’s memory to your computer.

Macro allows you to capture subjects as close as 3. This can brighten backgrounds and avoid the white-subject-on-a-black-background look that’s typical of most nighttime flash shots. It may be inexpensive but it’s a relatively fast camera that only takes about two seconds to save a large, fine mode image.