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Ratings over a few watts made the devices too large and heavy to be physically supported by a wall outlet. As shown in the image, an AC adapter is made up of a central unit which draws power from an AC outlet. My first one I had to replace because it started to fray because it couldn’t handle the new silver macbooks. So happy I read these reviews today. Laptop AC adapter doesn’t work. Each AC adapter has a specific power rating, measured in volts or watts that it can handle and output to an electronic device. Not the quality you would have expected.

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Replacement please Yes No. Because of the power rating and the type of plug on the end, an AC adapter is not universal and can only be used with devices with the same requirements and connector.

AC adapter – Wikipedia

We do have some similar information to share with you. Flag as inappropriate Two frayed adapters. This is the one piece of Apple’s technology that makes me consider jumping ship for another computer manufacturer for my notebook. In Larry Pagea founder of Googleproposed a 12 V and up to 15 A standard for almost all equipment requiring an external converter, with new buildings fitted with 12 VDC wiring, making external AC-to-DC adapter circuitry unnecessary.


AC adapter

It then converts the power to DC that is used by the computer, and a second cord that plugs into the computer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Until it destroys the soft rubber tubing and rips into the conduit for your power supply. Prices include GST and delivery charges unless otherwise indicated. Different tips may use the notebooi connector, but automatically supply different power; it is essential to use the right tip for the apparatus being powered, but no switch needs to be set correctly by the user.

This waste heat is itself a problem in warm weather, since it may require additional air conditioning to prevent overheating, and even to remove the unwanted heat from large supplies.

Not durable design Yes No.

Flag as inappropriate Apple’s Weakest Link. Share this These adapters are the worst. Flag as inappropriate This is my fourth power supply for my MBP I have taped both endings where it usually breaks with black isolating tape to strengthen it.

What is an AC Adapter?

RadioShack sells universal AC adapters of various capacities, branded as “Enercell Adaptaplug”, and fitted with two-pin female sockets compatible with their Adaptaplug connector lineup. A survey of consumers showed widespread dissatisfaction with the cost, inconvenience, and wastefulness of the profusion of power adapters used by electronic devices.

For other senses of this term, see battery charger. It’s a shame there is no alternative. This is despite taking proper precautions and coiling the cord around the designated tabs. Flag as inappropriate On 5th charger maybe soon the 6th.


Safety is ensured, as in the older linear circuit, because a transformer still provides galvanic isolation.

hasing Filter by Rating All Ratings. The trend towards more-compact electronic devices has driven a shift towards the micro-USB and mini-USB connectors, which are electrically compatible in function to the original USB connector but physically smaller.

Share this no stars should be an option. Adapters which can also be used with motor vehicle and aircraft power see EmPower are available.

Some “universal” replacement power supplies allow output voltage and polarity to be switched to match a range of equipment.

Hqwing as inappropriate Terrible and too expensive. Adapters for battery-powered equipment may be described as chargers or rechargers see also battery charger.

These adapters are the worst. AC adapters help reduce the size of a laptop computer by alleviating the need for a standard sized power supply. Archived from the original on 17 July By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Adaptter.