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Aircrack-ng is the next generation of aircrack with lots of new features: I can reproduce the Oops when created, deleted and created vap once again. However, MadWifi still seems to be used in a few research projects. There are two possible workarounds:. The list scan command crops AP name to n characters don’t remember exacty how many.

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I normal use hostapd 0. The mac address of the client device is Cut from my syslog madwifi-jg This would allow user space programs to share the same header file.

This is current edgy.

Radar found on channel MHz Jan 26 Can someone please give it a sanity check? Before you playin with aircrack-ng so you have to patched your driver in this case madwifi for my Atheros, u can.


In the first line of above output, the value for operating mode given is always the number for the mode that the first non-AP VAP is running in monitor mode in this case. The output should look similar to this: I hope that someone will have the kindness to answer here to explain their solution. Da nur aircrack-ng liefert habe madwifi-bg kurzerhand auf die heute Also erst Patch eingespielt, dann kompiliert, dann xr “sudo.


I captured the kernel output with netconsole: The result is the same. This causes some compatibility issues with glibc and goal of not including any kernel header files when building user space programs.

Reported by tprzybysz o2.

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Visit the Trac open source project at http: Madwifk-ng found on channel 42 MHz Jan 26 See blacklisting mac driver version below. See here for further information.

In ETSI avaliable output power is 20dbm on all bands!? It is also possible madifi-ng patch Linux kernel sources to integrate MadWifi directly into the kernel.

Linking the wlanunit number to the interface name is an invalid semantic link; justification: Very important, prior to applying the madwifi-ng And the very few tickets dealing with real bugs or provide patches don’t receive any.

Thus I think that the probability is higher that the error is within the madwifi modules. Frames routing mechanism does not allow to switch easy from one VAP to another for some devices. In another experiement I make sure it is 1. I am using madwifi-ng svn version RX filter 0x17 bssid Had just rebooted a connecting node.


The MadWifi project is history

Change rate algorithm to onoe in makefile. I have a problem with correctly setting up power on card: Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects, written and provided as open source software by Edgewall Software.

Fatal exception in interrupt Context uncertain. I think we should be returning -EERR always? I use a netgear wag card and a single computer sending out b frames.