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Autofocusing accessories make it possible to move effortlessly from one sample type to another. The applications were honed to perfection for energy-efficiency and comfort in Siemens’ own laboratory and comply with widely used energy efficiency standards such as EN or eu. The Desigo DXR2 room automation stations come with configurable, tested standard applications for HVAC and electrical applications and are especially easy to commission. Collaborate You can invite collaborators like your lab manager or procurement staff to any shared list. Accommodates specialized cells for high and low temperature measurements and electrochemical measurements.

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Automatic fluorescence correction available with all excitation lasers Automatic intensity correction generates spectra that are comparable between instruments and different excitation lasers Multidimensional wavelength calibration provides accurate wavelength calibration across entire spectral range Patented Triplet spectrograph provides exceptional peak shape and maintains focus at all wavelengths Patented algorithm for automated cosmic ray rejection and high-quality laser line filters ensure artifact-free spectra Lasers depolarized to avoid confusing sample orientation effects Laser Power Regulator provides active monitoring of laser power and ensures reproducible laser excitation power over the lifetime of lasers and even after replacing lasers Optimized gratings for each excitation laser avoid performance sacrifices of systems that share gratings for multiple excitation lasers.

Collaborate You can invite collaborators like your lab manager or procurement staff to any shared list. Then select and buy products as a team. Sample accessories available to support automated measurements of well-plates, tablet arrays, tubes, and vials. Remote sampling for samples too large to fit in the sample compartment, with optional fiber-optic probes.


Please enter user name Please enter password User name Forgot your username? Further information is available on the Internet at http: Alignment and calibration procedures are completely automated in the software.

Building management starts with Desigo. Configurable GO button on instrument provides for walk-up operation.

DXR™2 SmartRaman Spectrometer

What is a shared list? Lasers, gratings, filters, and accessories can be easily shared between more than one instrument. A simple tool ABT Site offers flexible configuration of application functionality as required. Reliability and Maintenance The system requires only a routine automatic alignment, which is completely software controlled Calibration procedure is automated and software makes all decisions Laser usage is automatically tracked on each laser Modularity Modular design offers purchasing flexibility.

Applications for controlling heated and chilled ceilings, air volumes and fan coils are included.

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Optional fiber-optic accessory and some other optional accessories are class Controlldr laser devices requiring laser safety precautions and laser safety eyewear. Simply plug the laser in and run the standard autoalignment and automatic calibration routines. Laser Safety Spectrometer independently certified as class-1 laser safe.

System communication takes place via BACnet; field devices such as switches and sensors or the actuators for lighting and shading are connected via KNX. You clicked on an external link, which has been disabled in order to keep your shopping session open.

DXR™ 2 Raman Microscope

AirOptiControl optimizes the air volume, in turn dxf2 the basis for energy-efficient operation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems. RoomOptiControl, on the other hand, detects unnecessary energy consumption in a room, and by displaying the Green Leaf indicator on the room operator unit, encourages users to save energy.


If desired, users can configurate the Desigo DXR2 as needed to adapt it flexibly to any requirement. Please enter user name. Siemens AG Berlin and Munich is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than years.

These are automatically utilized whenever the components are installed. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is No. The instrument recognizes the serial number of each components and multiedia alignment and calibration multumedia for each unique Smart component.

Zug, Sep Room automation with high energy efficiency and comfort Functionality and flexibility thanks to proven applications Simple tool for efficient configuration and startup Vxr2 communication via BACnet.

Accommodates specialized cells for high and low temperature measurements and electrochemical measurements. You can invite collaborators like your lab manager or procurement staff to any shared list.

The new Desigo DXR2 room automation stations automate room heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in an energy-efficient manner and without compromising comfort. For more information about the Desigo building automation system, please visit www. Access your shared lists in the Account link on Thermofisher. Please purchase this product by removing it from your on-site supply center.