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Logitech customer support was unhelpful and theironly suggestion was to uninstall all of the Logitech software on my PC. I loved it, but now it’s a waste of space. But because the laser tracks movement more accurately than a standard LED, the MX takes a more precise read of the surface, resulting in more exact cursor movement onscreen. Never used to do that on my old PC. It tops the league table by a country mile in the list of the worlds most useless items money can buy, easily beating the solar powered torch, and heated refrigerator. Computing doesn’t get any better than this.

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So you know that I use my mouse and keyboard very intensively.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse Specs – CNET

But considering it is a laser mouse and is suposedly more accurate and blah blah i expected it to be good for gaming which i have found it is no good at all for gaming a great game to test what i mean is battlefield 2 try and use the mouse to control the tv guided missile no chance in hell unless you click the left button with everything you got. Keep posting your stories, problems, and possible solutions on this and other boards, and post links back and forth to other posts to bring attention to Logitech’s customer service and quality problems and to help Logitech’s execs fix these problems for their own good and ours.

Like your cell phone, speakers, Heck I had one customer buy a second one for her laptop! This mouse would have the calmest among us breaking out in bouts of anger, and violence in a matter of seconds as soon as you install those useless drivers, leaving you with a costly bill for psychotherapy, a replacement PC, and replacement of a broken window – which i’m sure Logitech would not pick up the tab for!


That tells me that it’s a problem with the hardware receivers in the mouse or basestation and not really a software problem. Couple that with the switch application button in the middle and you can sometimes find yourself switching programs when all you wanted to do was go forward.

It was great until a week ago when it started thinking for itself.

Finally ended up “cleaning” the little hole where the laser sensor is with a dry cloth and voila: Intermittent left click issues forced me to call support and have them swap it out. It lwser fit my hand properly and it’s useless for gaming. We’ve changed, we promise. Minor problems consist of not charging when put into the cradle. After mx0100, transmitting a beam of light for the tiny distance required, less than an inch, requires only a minuscule amount of power.

Can some one help by telling me the max range of the receiver? It is there that i ready thousands of similar complaints about how logitech makes great hardware but really crappy drivers. Again, please add any experiences or links to other experiences here, on my forum, and others especially links.

The precision image sensors then have no difficulties in tracking on these patterns and calculating position and movement.

It came in a bundle with the MX keyboard, which is fabulous. I have had mine for about two or three months now and have NEVER had any sort of problem described by others.

The coherent nature of laser light creates patterns of high contrast when its light is reflected from a surface. That is VERY dissapointing, as logitech normally produce quality products. I’m not a gamer, but I appreciate not having to drag the mouse across my desk to use it.


I’m on the verge of returning mine. It’s not as huge a shift as it was going from rollerballs to optical sensors, but the MX does usher in a new age in computer mice.

Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

The logitech logo wears off after mosue a few days of buying the mouse. Just like reloading with “r” is weak but lader with “tilt-wheel-right” is just sick! What operating system and hardware, etc are you people running when you have problems with it? I wouldn’t recommend this mouse for my cat. For the first few months I gotta say it was brilliant, smooth, responsive and extremely ergonomic, which is something I really appreciate in a mouse.

Ideally, you should recharge once it gets to red or even better if it diesthat way you get a full recharge cycle. This review looks like the writing of a sixteen-year-old high school dropout. Every single customer I have recommended the mouse to has come back and said to me.

The weight is just right, the battery meter is a good idea and never goes down, due to the amazing battery lifethe charger cordldss great, the reception is AMAZING, the added buttons are extremely useful and well-designed This probably the best mouse I’ve ever owned but it has some problem. The pattern appearing on the sensor reveals details on any surface, even glossy surfaces that would look totally uniform when exposed to the LED incoherent illumination.